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Want to Live in Fairfax For Free? Hope You Like to Cook

Is this the best deal ever? Three 25 year old male "professionals" in Fairfax, VA are looking for a fourth to share their house and all you have to do is cook. The room is free in exchange for cooking. Supposedly, the roomates are "pretty busy with work" and are "usually too tired to cook dinner" so if you are willing to whip up dinner every night you get a free room. The listing has been amended since its original posting, because of the overwhelming influx of responses but there the criteria is straightforward: "no kids," "can be a girl or a guy," "420 ok" and "must be young like us!!" The post has no details on the room, so it could well be a cupboard under the stairs a la Harry Potter. However, if you consider yourself a Top Chef (or even a mediocre chef with more free time than these guys) and need a cheap room this may be worth a response.
· FREE ROOM in exchange for cooking meals for the house [Craigslist]
Rohan Mahadevan