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D.C. Council Says Nay to New System of Visitor Parking Passes

Remember those changes DDOT was planning to make to the Visitor Parking Pass Permit plan: the ones that would allow all residents from every ward to apply for one online? Yeah, that's not going to happen now. The neighborhood cries that the plan was flawed, discounted the density of different neighborhoods and might encourage abuse did not fall on deaf ears. The D.C. Council unanimously shot down this new Visitor Parking Pass Permit plan. As such, the current system wherein DDOT mails out one Visitor Parking Pass to residents in the neighborhoods that have a greater parking wealth, will continue at least until December. If Mayor Gray signs this into law, this existing program will last for another year. What's more, the current Visitor Passes won't expire until DDOT mails out their new passes. Maybe this extra year will give DDOT more time to think something else through.
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