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Brightwood's Latest B-Movie Horror Villain: THE MOLD!!!

It's in the kitchen. It's by the windows. Now it's in your lungs! You can't escape it! It's THE MOLD!!! Listen, you were warned. There's a sign on the front door saying "Enter at your own risk" and another upon entry that says "You have entered at your own risk." It's very obvious that work to counteract the nasty stuff is being done in the kitchen as plastic bags and painters tape appear in nearly every listing photo. It's not quite GW Housing Horrors because the bathroom actually looks like it's been kept up but it's not much better. We can understand wanting to leave the two bedroom 686 square foot condo, but seriously, why is this place even on the market?
· 758 Longfellow Street NW Unit 402 [Estately]