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Wal-Mart To Open Hiring Centers Near Two Planned Stores

One thing to be said about Wal-Mart: they're moving quickly. It's only been two days since the D.C. Council failed to overturn Mayor Gray's veto of the Large Retailer Accountability Act and they've already announced that they'll opening two hiring centers on Monday. Hiring Center #1 is at 900 2nd Street NE, which is about three blocks away from their planned store at 77 H Street NW. Hiring Center #2 at 7818 Eastern Avenue NW is about two miles from the planned Brightwood Wal-Mart location at 5968 Georgia Avenue NW. Those are the first two of the now five stores that Wal-Mart intends to open. Applications are being accepted online but the hiring centers are being set up in order to assist potential future employees who don't have internet access. Lest you think the fight for higher wages is over, several members of City Council have introduced legislature to increase minimum wage for everyone in D.C. — not just the employees of big box retailers.
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