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First Look: Designs for the West End Library

The path to developing the West End Library has not been without some bumps in the road (namely, this unsuccessful complaint brought to the D.C. Court of Appeals over affordable housing guidelines.) But now there's a time frame for groundbreaking in sight (early 2014) and the folks at CORE (who worked collaboratively with TEN Arquitectos on the project) have released their designs for the library's interior. We've got a gallery of the renderings above with some insight from CORE's Director of Hospitality Design (and Curbed Young Guns Semifinalist) Allison Cooke and Project Designer Daniel Chapman. They've given us information on everything from the parts of the library that will be open during off hours to the type of glass used for the windows. This is not CORE's first foray into the world of library design in the District as they were also involved in the interior renovation of the Mt. Pleasant Library and the Rosedale Recreation Center. In fact, evidence of some of that work is actually featured at an exhibit currently on display at the District Architecture Center called Reinventing the Library: Washington's New Centers for Learning.
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