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How Rare are Bulletproof Windows In D.C. Hotels?

When Donald Trump revealed the designs for the interior of his new Trump Hotel at the Old Post Office one week ago, many outlets (including this one) zeroed in on something oddly specific: that their presidential suite would have bulletproof windows. It seems like such a rare amenity so we wondered how rare it was amongst the D.C. hotel penthouses. We did some further research on the penthouses that we'd previously profiled for June's Hotel Week to see if any of them also had bulletproof glass between those large bedrooms and breathtaking views. Take a look at our findings after the jump.

? The W Hotel:
Penthouse Name: Extreme WOW Suite
Square Feet: 1176
Cool Features:This suite has a virtual fireplace and if you want a view of the Lincoln Memorial, you can also see it from your floating tub. If you want a view of Monday Night Football or Mad Men, there's a 46" TV in the bedroom and a 52" TV in the living room.
Bulletproof Windows: The team at the W preferred not to comment on the matter.

[Photos by Rey Lopez]

? The Sofitel Washington DC Lafayette Square:
Penthouse Name: The Imperial Suite
Square Feet: 1800
Cool Features: In addition to the king sized bed and city view, there's a meeting space with a bar area in this warm, red plush space.
Bulletproof Windows: No

? The Jefferson:
Penthouse Name: The Thomas Jefferson Suite
Square Feet: 1900
Cool Features: Part of the reason that this room is so enormous is that it has its own private dining room. What's more, there's a curtain separating the Italian marble bathroom with its deep soaking tub from a workout area. There's also an attached kitchen.
Bulletproof Windows: No

? The Donovan House:
Penthouse Name: The Donovan Suite
Square Feet: 1230
Cool Features: The decor of the living and working area is decidedly modern and the bathroom has a cocoon spiral walk-in shower.
Bulletproof Windows: No

? The Hay-Adams:
Penthouse Name: The Presidential Suite
Square Feet: 1070
Cool Features: With uniquely close view of the White House and Lafayette Square, this suite also has a large dining table, and a gas lit fireplace.
Bulletproof Windows: No

[Photos by Rey Lopez]

? The Madison:
Penthouse Name: The Jefferson Suite
Square Feet: 1472
Cool Features: When you'll exit the spa tub, you'll find a panoramic view of the city that overlooks both the Washington Monument and nearby 15th Street. Also, the marble foyer is very impressive.
Bulletproof Windows: The Madison website does not specify bulletproof glass and their staff says that it is not included. Why a competing hotel seemed to think otherwise is unclear.

? The Four Seasons:
Penthouse Name: The Royal Suite
Square Feet: 4000
Cool Features: Its large terrace for open-air dining overlooks 29th Street. Plus, talk about secure: the suite also includes a private entrance and a closed circuit system.
Bulletproof Windows: Yes

Old Post Office

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