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D.C. & Baltimore: Where Living With the Parents Makes Sense

About a month ago, Pew Research revealed that 36% of adults age 18-31 live with their parents. That is roughly 21 million young Americans who live with mom and dad. While Pew Research didn't break down their findings by region, Estately put both Baltimore and D.C. on their list of thirteen American cities where living with the 'rents not only makes sense, but even seems like a good idea. In D.C., they focus on the exorbitantly high cost of living. The median rental price is $2,190 per month and the median price for buying a home is a whopping $632,323. Good numbers to know just in case the argument over the living wage bill needed perspective. Baltimore has a different brand of financial woes that might lead young adults back home. It's the city with the third highest credit card debt in the country with an average of $2,451.53 per person and an unemployment rate of 7.5% which is 20% above the national average for cities. On the plus side: cheaper beer and apparently, cheesesteak.
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