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Funniest Criticism So Far of the New Trump Hotel

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It's from the Economic Policy Journal. Writer Robert Wenzel furthers the idea that Washington D.C. is BoomTown saying that the hotel is "another sign that corrupt and crony* Washington D.C. continues to grow, while much of the rest of the country stagnates." He then goes on to say, "Twenty years ago, Trump would have never considered building in D.C. Power, as opposed to entrepreneurship, is sadly growing in this country." Actually, all of those are all legitimate if occasionally hilariously worded complaints. What makes it funnier is that Wenzel has the location of the building well as its name. The Old Post Office (not the US Post Office) is, in fact, nowhere near Union Station and not terribly close to the Capitol Building, either. However, if Wenzel wanted to point out that Trump was near a "corrupt and crony" seat of power, the new hotel location is a mere five blocks away from the White House. Here, we've mapped out the real location for you.
*The emphasis on corrupt and crony is ours, not Wenzel's.
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Old Post Office

1100 Pennsylvania Avenue NW, Washington, DC 20004 Visit Website