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How Would You Like To Be the Next Curbed DC Intern?

Schools are back in session, the public pools have closed and (theoretically) the temperature is dropping. This changing of the seasons also signifies a changing of the guard of sorts: wherein Curbed DC brings on an intern for the fall! Are you an avid reader of the Curbediverse? Are you looking for real world online journalism experience? Do you have a somewhat flexible schedule? Are you okay with some of the less enviable responsibilities of the position such as a) attending press conferences, meetings and events with dubious entertainment value, b) taking on-the-scene smartphone photos of local events at a moment's notice and c) undertaking long research projects in the name of d) having your name appear on Curbed D.C.? Also, are you a big fan of communicating via gchat and working in either coffee shops/libraries/your bedroom? There's a reason you haven't seen that sexy building that houses the Curbed DC headquarters. Interested parties should contact with a brief description of yourself and your interest in the gig. (No attachments, please.) If we like what we see, we'll respond quickly. Thanks.