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What If Trump Developed Other Old D.C. Buildings?

We got news yesterday evening that perhaps Donald Trump's foray into D.C. life isn't limited to turning The Old Post Office into his latest Trump Hotel. Apparently, he also wants to extend his empire by redeveloping the FBI Building. But really, why stop there? There are so many old buildings in the District that could use an update from someone -- why not Trump! Here are what we think could happen with a few different spaces around D.C. if he chose to redevelop them.

Frank D. Reeves Municipal Center:

So the building's already (probably) going to Akridge. But imagine a Trump Tower competing with Louis at 14th for most decadent spot on of the 14th Street.

Walter Reed Campus:

Sure, there are already three teams competing to develop this land who have come up with plans and everything. Big deal! Maybe Trump can convince Tiffany & Co. to head to the former military hospital grounds. As long as he keeps Wegman's in the plans, life will be okay.

RFK Stadium:

As near as we know, The Donald has made no forays into the world of sports, but perhaps the push from Trump will convince the equally (more?) egotistical Dan Snyder to move Washington football back into the District.

The National Aquarium:

Admittedly, this space has been shuttered, it's entirely too small and it was in the basement of a building where visibility wouldn't be high. But we're pretty sure Trump has been referred to as a shark at some point. Why not have his name associated with a building that could house actual sharks!

The Washington Monument:

Hear us out. The obelisk needs renovations and while it's getting them, it kind of looks like it's wearing braces. But it's glowing and shiny right now so why not keep that aspect and just put "Trump" down the side. That wouldn't be an affront to an internationally known symbol of Washington at all!
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