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This Home May Not Have Ghosts But We're Not Convinced

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Look, we're not saying that all homes from 1900 and earlier are necessarily haunted (although several Capitol Hill homes would make a good case for that). But has the furniture in this six bedroom, four level Victorian actually been changed since 1900? Is it all still old chairs and gossamer curtains because the current owner is afraid of what will go bump in the night if anything changes? It might be if it's being sold for $530K as is. Not to mention the masks in the bathroom are kind of terrifying and look like they were meant specifically to scare away spirits. Even the TV looks like an obsolete computer. Still, that marble fireplace is gorgeous, though and the kitchen looks like it's had a pretty recent update. Also, there's an impressive garage and driveway.
· 1223 Irving Street NE, Washington, DC [Estately]