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Best Moments From Yesterday's Trump Hotel Press Conference

[All photos by Gerry Suchy]

Now that we've seen the renderings and heard a few immediate reactions regarding the new Trump Hotel, it's time to revisit some of the greatest moments of yesterday's event which was both a reveal and a ceremonial signing of the 60 year lease of the Old Post Office. After all, it could have just been an unveiling of renderings but there was humor and vindication in that room as well. Also, please check out the gallery above with photos from the event.

#1: The righteousness of Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton. The conference's first speaker made it inescapably clear how long and hard she personally has fought for the development of the Old Post Office and sounded very much like she had just come out of a battle. She gave us the complete blow by blow of the legislative process that she has been through since 1998. More than once she repeated the phrase, "What happened? Nothing."

#2: Ivanka Trump emceed the event eight months pregnant. Donald Trump stated that she wasn't even supposed to be present at the event and admired her commitment. Of course, he also said that the fetus was getting "on-the-job training" and told Ivanka, who has a huge hand in the future development of the hotel, "You better do a good job or you're fired." "You laugh, but he actually means that," said Ivanka.

#3: Mayor Vince Gray thanks Trump for lifting up the city after the Monday Night Football loss. Because the Eagles won and Washington played like garbage in the first half and Mayor Gray knew that the city was otherwise down in the dumps. "After last night's debacle with the Washington Football Team, we needed something. The preseason is over."

#4: Donald Trump revels in the media circus. Trump took photo ops and shook hands with everyone that asked and as such, the press conference actually started a few minutes late. Of course, that may have been more because Mayor Gray was late but Trump also stated, "Normally when you announce a hotel, two people show up." His excitement at expanding the Trump empire into D.C. was evident. "I build. That's what I do best."

#5: The announcement of bullet proof windows for the two presidential suites. They must really plan on hosting some important people in those two presidential suites. They will also have a private sauna and private elevator access but the addition of bullet proof windows really dropped some jaws.

#6: Marion Barry was there. Actually most of the City Council was there, but every time the Mayor For Life shows up some place, it's photo op city. It was very difficult to walk anywhere in the vicinity of Barry for the herd of cameras that surrounded him.

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