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D.C.'s Most Expensive New Listings #6-10

Yesterday evening we provided with you with the five most expensive listings that have popped up in D.C. in the past week. If that didn't satisfy your jones for photos of fancy houses, we've got five more for you today. Based on some data provided to us by the folks at StreetEasy, here are the 6th-10th most expensive listings that have shown up in D.C. this week.

#6: 2405 49th Street NW
Price: $1,995,000
Square Feet: 4,212
Bed/Bath: 7/4

The giant seated leopard statue in the library simply must be addressed, especially since the rest of the home's artwork looks impressionist and classicist and -- not a giant life sized leopard. That's not actually more important than the elevator that goes to all four stories, the two car garage or the view of Battery Kemble Park, but as we said, it needed to be addressed.

#7: 1177 22nd Street NW #8C
Price: $1,888,888
Square Feet: 1,752
Bed/Bath: 2/2

Does this classy glassy building look familiar? Let's refresh your memory. The apartments in this building were also asking slightly less at this point last year, but the owner has made some improvements over and above the granite countertops and marble bathroom.

#8: 3403 O Street NW
Price: $1,845,000
Square Feet: 2,516
Bed/Bath: 5/3

More life-sized animal statues in this Georgetown townhouse! And much like the townhouse we showed you here, this one also has a garage and a water feature in its private backyard garden.

#9: 10 Wesley Circle NW
Price: $1,795,000
Square Feet: 3,450
Bed/Bath: 6/4.5

Lots of homes that are shown without furniture look bright and clean, but this one also has lots of natural light coming in to make it look particularly sunny.

#10: 4704 Foxhall Crescent NW
Price: $1,795,000
Square Feet: 2,746
Bed/Bath: 4/4.5

This home probably has the most modern decorative touches of any of the spaces on this list, but a lot of that is the curvature in the walls and the gold tint to the paint job. Still, the living room still has a grand piano in the center which gives the home a classic feel. More importantly, the spa style bathroom!