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What a $700/Month Rental Won't Get You? A Door.

$600 or less doesn't get you a lot in this city, and by the looks of it, upping one's budget to $700 may be just as dire. Take this "super cheap" $675 room on 14th and Euclid. This initially seems like a pretty good deal — even with the $60-$80 a month in utilities, $750 at 14th and Euclid is unheard of in 2013. Odd description of an "unfilled room," though as the room in the listing photo looks as "unfilled" as Brixton on a Friday night. One can only assume that status has changed. But more importantly, this room is missing a door. While there are temporary fixes, like a curtain, be ready to kiss your privacy away. By the posting's request, you need to reply with a joke. I've got one for you: "knock knock...oh wait, scratch that — there is no door."
· $675 Big Room in Columbia Heights Row House (14th and Euclid St NW) [Craigslist]
— Rohan Mahadevan