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How is D.C. the Third Best City for Living Without Kids?

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According to Estately, Washington D.C. is apparently the third best city to live in if you're looking to live child-free. Huh? This makes no sense based on the plethora of child-friendly entertainment and only slightly more sense if it's based on residents' increasing desire to do without. There are so many free museums, great parks and a world class zoo with things like baby tigers to provide easy distractions for young ones. As for doing without, it appears that increasingly more adult entertainment options (the bars on 11th Street NW, for instance) are teeming with brunch-bound babies. The article actually seems to focus on the fact that the District is full of careerists who would rather focus on their job trajectory than raising kids. Then again, going child-free may not be such a bad idea considering how many public schools are closing. What do you think, Curbed readers — are D.C. residents actually increasingly saying no to having kids?
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