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Want to Live in Logan Circle? Pass The Essay Requirement.

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Would you like to live in a house that may be the equivalent of living in the USA Network show Suits? Well, here is your chance. "Four mid-20's male young professionals" put up an amazing Craigslist ad for a chance to rent a room in their place. If you enjoy "watching a documentary on pirates in Somalia" or "going out to the Masa 14 dancefloor," and you too are a "mid-20's male" this $1300 room in Logan Circle is a steal. But in order to get an interview, you must pass the essay portion. No, really. The pictureless ad requires all applicants to write "A 100-word-or-less answer to the question: 'What is the best opening line you can send on Tinder?'" If you had to Google "Tinder," better move on from this one.
· $1300 Mid-20's Roommate for 5/br Dupont/Logan Circle Row House (16th and Q streets, NW) [Craigslist]
— Rohan Mahadevan