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Bikes to AKA Hotels; Tell Your Congressperson You're Stuck

DOWNTOWN — Capital Bikeshare may be the biggest bike sharing game in town, but now there's a smaller option for the short term residents of AKA White House and AKA Virginia Square. Since people tend to stay there for at least thirty days, AKA is offering the opportunity to "live like a local" and use their bikes free of charge. They might be spared the part of cycling like a local that involves biking up that soul crushing bike lane on 14th Street before learning that Sherman Avenue is an easier commute.

YOUR SMARTPHONE — Stuck in traffic and really feel the need to complain? There's an app for that! It's called I'm Stuck! and once you say how and where you are stuck in traffic, it sends a direct message to your member of Congress. While using an app while driving is just dangerous, we suppose one can assume that this app is safe-ish to use if I-495 is a complete parking lot. Still, it can't be very effective from the bowels of a metro tunnel without any semblance of phone service. [Streetsblog]