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If D.C. United Comes In, Where Would Super Salvage Go?

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Amidst the complicated land swaps that the city is doing to make the D.C. United stadium at Buzzard Point a reality, they've overlooked the existence Super Salvage, the city's remaining salvage yard, in their desired space. Super Salvage has already said that they're willing to talk to the city, and the City Administrator Allen Lew has already said that if the talks go south that they can still acquire the land through eminent domain. But where would a Salvage Yard go? It's hard to believe that there are any remaining spots in the city zoned for industrial use where neighbors wouldn't complain about the move. While Super Salvage provides a necessary service, previously, relocation of salvage yards has been blocked in Chicago suburbs and brought up quite the controversy in Ohio. What do you think, Curbed readers? To what part of the city would Super Salvage relocate?
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