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What $600 Per Month Can Rent You Around D.C.

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The idea for this particular Curbed Comparison actually came from our tipline. This reader probably isn't the only person curious to see what (if anything that isn't a group house) comes up at a rental price that's actually not unreasonable for people starting at their first job. We decided to look only in the District even though we know there are suburban spots that can easily fit that bill. Here's what we found in D.C. for $600/month (or less!)

? The pictures in this ad might lead one to believe that the lucky renter is moving into a spot with a fridge stocked with Miller Lite and a kitchen corner filled with cat litter. In fact the text of the ad states that neither of the men pictured live in the Southwest townhouse (the roommates are two women) and that the four cats no longer live there either. The bedroom that isn't pictured is 300 square feet and the $525 a month does not include the $100 in utilities.

? Older males are preferred for this four person group house near the future site of the Skyland Wal-Mart. The $500 rent includes utilities and will get a renter the "small" room which has no dimensions listed. Perhaps the best features of this place are the off-street parking and the nearby shopping center with CVS. Considering that the room looks mildly shabby, we wonder the condition of the wall-to-wall carpeting.

? This home in Brightwood looks pretty nice, but the room you'll be renting for $595 a month looks like it can fit that full-sized bed and certainly no other furniture. While the room claims to be air-conditioned, it looks like the air conditioning comes from that window unit. However, the house looks like it's in good repair and there's off-street parking for TWO vehicles.

? This room in Brookland is one of four in a group house. It's the only one of the bunch that actually claims fast internet and the listing gives a brief history of one of the roommates (he lived here, he left, he's coming back.) The bathroom looks like it's been renovated recently. The price of $599 a month does not include utilities but you'll be splitting them with three other people.