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Amphitheater Eliminated from Chuck Brown Park Design

Apparently, scaling back the amphitheater plans at Chuck Brown Park wasn't good enough for the noise complaint-happy Langdon neighbors. The latest plans for the park put forth by Marshall Moya Design have now struck the amphitheater entirely and the gratitude paid to the late, great, godfather of go-go will be solely nominal. While we documented several visual memorials to Brown throughout the city, many of the most touching homages have had an audio component. The streets surrounding the Howard Theatre turned into an all out In Memoriam block party when news of his death reached the masses. What's more, his band has had a long standing residency at the Howard on Mondays since his passing. Plus, eliminating this portion of the design sets a precedent that might not bode well for the Hines-Urban Atlantic team who has included an amphitheater in their plans for the Walter Reed campus.
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