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Check Out the Former Energy Secretary's $1.7M Home

Former Energy Secretary Stephen Chu now has a job at a University on the other side of the country, so it only makes sense that he'd want to sell his Chevy Chase home. The sale completed this week for $135K more than its price when Chu bought it in 2009. Although one might expect the home of a former Energy Secretary to have energy saving items such as solar panels, rain gardens or a LEED certification for good measure, as near as we can tell, there are none of these things. There is a decent-sized office/library and a bunch of bright furniture choices that complement the home's natural light. Check out the entire gallery!
· Former Energy Secretary Steven Chu sells Chevy Chase home for $1.7 million [WBJ]
· 4820 Drummond Avenue Chevy Chase, MD [Redfin]