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Relive Summer Camp and Move Into This Manassas Log Cabin

City residents, were you inspired to go back to a more natural abode when we showed you D.C.'s only remaining log cabin? We knew it! If you're willing to make the move out to Manassas, you can have a log cabin of your very own! Relive memories of summer camp and ski trips every day, because while the kitchen is clearly modern, there's still a stone fireplace and the walls are almost entirely comprised of finished wood. It has a nice rustic appeal with lots of natural light but it's not so primitive and raw that you'll feel the need to pull out your sleeping bag. Bugspray is not included if you get this 3 bedroom house on the river asking $289,888.
· 8389 Highview Street Manassas, VA [Estately]
· Lone D.C. Log Cabin's Journey from Meridian Hill to Rock Creek [CDC]