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This Can't Be Right: Silver Spring Apartment Asking $1,075

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At first glance, it seems like the asking price for this apartment in Downtown Silver Spring might be missing a few zeroes. At second glance, it looks like $1075 (or the $995 listed on Keller Williams) surely must be the rental price for something this close to the metro and Sligo Creek Park and Trail. In fact, this is the sale price which begs the question as to why the asking price was slashed by $76,425 to this insane number. Is the next door neighbor a felon? A quick search certainly turns up no illegal activity regarding the owners, so that's out. Is it infested with bedbugs? Perhaps the building, built in 1962, is a hotspot for ghosts! Whatever the reason, the London Terrace one bedroom was sold by Federal National Mortgage for $75,000 in early 2012. The price for this 426 square foot apartment is especially weird considering that it includes a parking space and a private balcony. Ask at your own risk.
· 8700 Manchester Road Apt 4 [Zillow]
· SDAT: Real Property Search 8700 Manchester Road #4 [Maryland Department of Assessments and Taxation]
· 8700 Manchester Road #4 [Keller Williams]