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Check Out the Most Expensive New Listing in the DMV

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The folks at StreetEasy just sent us some data on the most expensive new listings in the greater Washington area. We reported on two of the pricey places yesterday, but we couldn't simply tease the most expensive new listing without showing it to you. Wow, is this Great Falls Mansion a doozie. It's inspired by Shirley Plantation and the old world style certainly permeates the house. Sometimes it does so in a classy way as with the dining room and wooden entertainment lounge complete with a grand piano. However, two of the sitting rooms end up looking overly floral and dated. The design aesthetic seems to get more modern as one wanders to other parts of the home. The 9,570 square foot abode contains a gym, a sauna and a game room wherein one can play a game of pool. There's also an outdoor pool on the five acre property. Ask for this six bedroom manse is just under $4 million.
· 11206 Richland Grove Drive in Great Falls [StreetEasy]