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Thally, Baby Wale, Absinthe and More

his week's top dish from Eater DC, Curbed's restaurant, bar, and nightlife blog...

SHAWRon Tanaka's back on the scene with his new restaurant Thally, opening next week.

SHAWBaby Wale is the latest from Corduroy chef Tom Power. Take a look at the cool design.

EATER FEATURESAbsinthe is gaining steam, so bartenders want customers to know more about it. Here's a primer.

EATER MAPS— It's almost football season — Eater readers share their favorite football bars.

PENN QUARTER— Sorry, Chinatown - No! Sushi for you.

EXPANSION WIRE— New York's Bareburger is planning a D.C. location, though there are no specifics yet.

GEORGETOWN— This 1789 stalwart always makes customers feel at home.

OPENING REPORT— This week saw several fast-casual restaurant openings, including Custom Fuel and ShopHouse. Plus, TD Burger and the new Ted's Bulletin open as well.

PETWORTHGarret Fleming's new project will be called Gristle. He'll preview the menu at a pop-up next month at 3 Little Pigs.

EATER MAPS— Not for the faint of heart — try these gut bomb dishes.

NAVY YARD— D.C. Beer Week meant a sneak peek at Bluejacket. Read on for Hangover Observations.