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The Worst Examples of GW Housing Horrors

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Student housing is rarely one of the more desirable facets of college life. Dormitories often conjure up images of cramped sterile spaces beautified only by posters of Bob Marley and showers that require sandals. However, the students at George Washington University apparently have more to worry about than beer spills on the carpet. In fact, some of them created a Facebook page called GW Housing Horrors. Holy cow, are these terrible. GW has actually responded to some of the complaints demonstrated on the page and there are some photos (like a wine spill on a chair) that indicate poor decisions by students past. Then of course, there's the black mold, the frequent water damage, the leaking sewage and the mushrooms growing out of the corners. Eww. We've documented some of the worst in the gallery above.
· Alleged George Washington housing horrors recounted by summer residents [WJLA]
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