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Clothing Unnecessary In Columbia Heights Group House

Partying can be a huge point of contention in group houses, so the author of this ad wants to make sure their new roommate in this "clothing optional" house parties on their terms. Specifically, they're looking for someone who would be "comfortable hanging out nude" and "open with their sexuality." The house also has the "occasional naked cocktail party" which ends in the hot tub. But, if you would like to have your own (and perhaps fully clothed) party don't even think about it, as the homeowner had "bad luck with a previous roommate." Hey, furnished rooms are a great option for people just moving into the city with little to their name, and for $950 a month you can live in a "semi-furnished (room) with a queen size bed, TV, shelving unit, and night stand." Plus, the house is located on a corner lot with loads of windows so that the rest of Columbia Heights can see the nudity as well! There's also a deep closet in the room and emphasis on the full-sized washer and dryer...but why would you need either of those?
· $950 Huge room, awesome, bright, clothing optional, row house [Craigslist]
Rohan Mahadevan