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No Cameo for the D.C. Police in House of Cards

For purists who think that Hollywood does a terrible job of accurately portraying D.C., part of the reason might be D.C.'s reluctance to cooperate with Hollywood. Netflix series House of Cards was slated to film a presidential motorcade around the National Mall earlier this month until Metropolitan Police Chief Cathy Lanier suddenly denied the permits to shoot. Admittedly, MPD states that they did not want to portray themselves inaccurately as the main agency for presidential motorcades but that's more believable than the Baltimore police escort that House of Cards ended up using for the shot. Looks like Baltimore isn't solely poaching D.C. residents looking for cheaper rent, now! And we wonder why so many movies about Washington look they've been filmed in Chicago or New York.
· D.C. police nix Netflix's 'House of Cards' motorcade shoot [WBJ]