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Which Virginia 2 BR Condo Under $460K Do You Prefer?

Welcome to another Real Estate Death Match! There have been a rash of very close competitions lately and last week's was no exception. The condo from Dupont Circle eventually pulled ahead to beat the one bedroom from Lincoln Park. We're heading back across the Potomac again this week for another battle in the Commonwealth: this time in two separate cities. Oddly enough, each competitor carries the title of #213. You've now entered Real Estate Death Match: Arlington vs. Alexandria Edition!

? Address: 2100 Lee Highway #213
Price: $445,000
Square Feet: 975
Beds, Baths: 2/2

This spot in Colonial Village has a private balcony and for those who didn't really want to leave the District for Virginia, the brick building is reminiscent of the turreted D.C. rowhouses (but with a fountain out front!) It's walking distance to the amenity-packed neighborhoods of Clarendon and Court House which may be a good thing as those living room walls are distractingly bare. And yes, of course there's a pool and tennis court in the complex!

? Address: 309 Holland Lane #213
Price: $459,0000
Square Feet: 982
Beds, Baths: 2/2

This Alexandria option is close to King Street and has already had its price slashed. While that still makes it the more expensive competitor, it is slightly larger. It's also immediately above the neighborhood Whole Foods whereas the Arlington one is a few blocks away from their Whole Foods. The building includes parking and an in-house gym but a dearth of photos make us wonder if the lobby is the coolest thing about this spot.

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