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The Most Interesting Aspects of the New Dunbar High School

A week before opening to students, D.C. held a ribbon cutting at the new site of Dunbar High School. The city is planning to raze the previous 1970s-era building next door to the new facility. While Washington Post commenters believe that the old building's biggest issue was less that it was outdated and more so that its upkeep was insufficient, the new space has some impressive features. Here are a few of our favorites.

· The theater's restored century old Steinway piano.

· The silver panels on the floor with names of famous alums such as Delegate Eleanor Holmes Norton and physician Charles Drew. Some of the panels are left blank and can theoretically go to students who make a splash in the future.

· LEED certification, in part courtesy of solar panels.

· The technology in the classrooms which include projectors and flat screen televisions.
· D.C. leaders, alumni to celebrate new Dunbar High School facility [WaPo]