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WMATA Prove They Have Heart But Miss Phantom Planter

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Although Metro ruffled the feathers of everyone that enjoys smiling and happiness by removing the flowers at the Dupont Circle metro stop, they've promised to make amends and bring plant life back to the Q Street embankment. After threatening the flowers' planter, Henry Docter, with arrest if he attended to his flowers and agreeing to meet with the community on some sort of solution, Metro abruptly removed the flowers during embankment repairs. That community meeting finally happened last night and Metro's spokespeople agreed to plant Pachysandra in the spaces that once held daffodils. Again, Metro cited safety concerns for Docter as the reason behind their actions.

DCist noted that Docter was notably absent from last night's community meeting that was organized by Metro specifically to address him. The reason? Docter is on his way to Kenya Tanzania to find more flower seeds. In fact, a statement to his supporters on, he said that WMATA actually never contacted him directly to tell him about this meeting and that he found out about it from a friend. While it's likely that Docter's handiwork will show up elsewhere in the world and perhaps elsewhere in D.C., it's doubtful that those new seeds from Africa will make their way to Dupont Circle. Says Docter via the statement to his supporters, "I intend to ask the responsible person to apologize and make amends. We can then forgive that person and continue living our lives in peace."
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