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A Place For You or A Place For Mom?

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You have to admire the chutzpah of this Craiglist poster, who gets the negatives of living in their neighborhood out of the way. Not only is the location far from a metro, it lacks any sort of amenities. I mean, who would want to live by a "coffee shop or bar next door" when you can enjoy a space without "honking, and tons of traffic and drunk people peering into your windows, etc"? But hey, the home is completely untouched by gentrification, or as the poster notes "yuppified." In fact, $850 per month gets you a Grandma's House Chic™ room which not only lacks gentrification but also any sense that interior design has been updated since the 1900s. This house is perfect for those who don't like "drama" "significant others," and who "commutes to DC only during the week". Since the roommate is only there 25% of the time that, whoever gets the room will spend the remaining 75% of the time with the ad's unmentioned roommates: ghosts. There have to be ghosts.
· $850 Room and PRIVACY in WHOLE HOUSE, Beautifully Finished, Mature, Grad St (Rhode Island Ave. NE) [Craigslist]
— Rohan Mahadevan