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Any Entitlement Clues in White House Party Crasher's Home?

We mentioned yesterday that the White House party crasher without the surname Salahi had finally sold his Mount Pleasant home. But we wondered as we took a closer look at former mayoral candidate Carlos Allen's $1 million 2,663 square foot abode whether there were any clues inside about the man who would want to do such a narcissistic act. What we've found is a very odd assortment of the decadent and the painfully ordinary. For one thing, there's an overabundance of chandeliers in the house from the entrance to the dining room. There's also a fireplace under an enormous flatscreen TV in the master bedroom and some large planters in the master bathroom which indicates that this is a person who feels at home and wanted at an event like a White House dinner. On the other hand, it also looks like Allen must have been renting out the basement of the five bedroom home, because it looks like the abode of a down-to-earth literary-loving backpacker. Weirder though is the room off the beaten path that has what appears to be a window unit air-conditioner. The man can walk into a party with the Obamas like he belongs there but can't splurge for central air conditioning? Check out the entire gallery of the house that sold for $1,015,000.
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