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Two 2 Bedroom Condos Under $650K Want Your Affection

So it's cloudy and muggy outside? Who cares! That's still perfect weather for this week's Real Estate Death Match. Last week's 2 bedroom battle wasn't even close as the Dupont Circle condo beat out its Logan Circle neighbor. This week we're heading to the Liquorridor for another two bedroom bout. We've capped the budget at $650K for Real Estate Death Match: Columbia Heights vs. Adams Morgan Edition!

? Address: 2601 Sherman Avenue NW
Price: $649,900
Square Feet: 1100
Beds, Baths: 2/2

This loft condo markets itself as a combination living/working space since there's currently a desk on the second floor overlooking the living room/kitchen. The exposed brick and balcony are nice touches, but perhaps the coolest amenity is the music/intercom system. You will be paying a little bit more for this larger space.

? Address: 1934 Calvert Street NW Unit #4
Price: $637,500
Square Feet: 861
Beds, Baths: 2/2

In contrast to the Columbia Heights' condo's modern appeal, the AdMo adversary goes for historic charm in this converted space. There's less space, but this condo is pet friendly and comes with a highly coveted parking space. Oh yeah, and there's a jacuzzi.

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