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Scarecrow Hangs Out in $925K West End Condo

We established a few weeks ago that an arts & craft home references its handmade elements and natural building materials, not a desire to design with Crafty Bastards-esque glee. However, this 2 bedroom condo in West End may be an arts & crafts space in a more literal sense of the word. The current resident is clearly an art collector (or artist?) as evidenced by the shelves of ceramic pots and the expensive looking masks that probably came from other continents. But there's also something that looks like a dilapidated dreamcatcher in the kitchen and a scarecrow chilling out next to the dining room table. Is the current tenant afraid that crows may fly in from the balcony and stay for dinner? Check out more photos of the $925,000 condo at The Columbia Residences after the jump.

· 2425 L Street NW Unit 606 [Estately]