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Popularise Poll Determines Washingtonians Want Wegmans

Photo by Adam Fagen

A few weeks ago we noted that one of the three remaining development teams fighting for the opportunity to overhaul the Walter Reed site started looking for public opinion on what buildings and services should come to the area. Following Hines Urban Atlantic's survey, the team from Forest City is also crowdsourcing opinions about the Walter Reed project. In Forest City's corner are the Miller brothers of Popularise, who are certainly no strangers to soliciting public opinions (and funds.) While the Hines survey speaks in broad questions, asking what type of business or athletic centers interested parties would like to see, the Forest City team asks for specifics. So far the most popular choices on that front have been Wegmans (shocker) and an "eclectic market." Similarly, they have a survey asking for opinions on preferred type of housing. The three remaining teams need to put in their final bids at the end of this week.
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Popularise Building

1351 H Street NE, Washington, DC