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7 Problems That Suggest D.C. Doesn't Have the Worst Problems

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This week's Washington City Paper cover story entitled "How to Fix Everything" gives twenty eight locals a chance to speak out on one thing that they would change to make D.C. a better place to live. There are several ideas that are well-conceived (Give Free, Quality Childcare to Low-Wage Families) or at least spark intelligent debate (Ban ANCs, Take Back the Parks) but Managing Editor Jonathan L. Fischer says outright in the intro that some of these ideas are "batshit." Over and above the worst argument ever for legalizing prostitution, there are some things that speak to some of D.C.'s first world (first city?) problems that would probably make our colleagues in Detroit and New Orleans shake their heads. Here are some of the highlighted problems suggesting that D.C. is doing pretty okay.
Add Cupholders to Capital Bikeshare: "Conviviality will cover the cycle tracks, welcoming ever more relaxed bon vivants to the ranks of city cyclists." — Brian McEntee

Put Free Wifi in Buses and at Bus Stops

Let D.C. Residents with Photo ID Cut In Front of Tourists at Popular Bars and Restaurants

Install Webcams at Crowded Eateries "Shake Shack is already ahead of the curve; it has a live stream of its Madison Square Park location in New York. Who says Big Brother is all bad?" — Jessica Sidman

Institute Moratorium on Liquor-License Moratoria

Allow Food and Drink Vending in Logan and Dupont Circles

Allow More Smoking! "The idea is that some places could cater to chain-smokers or people who plain don't mind as much." — Alan Zilberman
[Disclosure: I occasionally freelance for the Arts section of Washington City Paper but involved in no way with this article.]
· How to Fix Everything [WCP]