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You Can Bring a Fig to Pedestrians; But You Can't Let 'Em Pick

[Photos courtesy of Sarah F. Cox]

Maybe it's just that we're hungry, but we noticed these figs overflowing onto 15th Avenue NW sidewalk the and wondered, can people just take these? For all we know, people actually do just reach up and grab but that's not the route that DDOT would recommend. According to their website, one would first apply for a Tree Permit. Via their website, "Any residents and contractors who wish to plant, prune, or remove a tree within the Public Right-of-Way must first obtain permission from the Department of Transportation and the Urban Forestry Administration." So, in short no pruning the fig tree in the name of free fruit because it happens to be overflowing into the public space. Plus, they aren't even ripe yet.
· Apply For a Tree Permit [DDOT]