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Vamos United! D.C.'s MLS Squad May Move to Buzzard Point

D.C. has taken the first steps to finally move D.C. United out of the rickety money pit that is RFK Stadium. If the D.C. Council gives its vote of approval, a new 20,000 seat stadium will come to Buzzard Point. This will certainly be an upgrade from the 52-year-old home of D.C.'s MLS franchise which has been referred to as a "disaster zone." Anyone in the Barra Brava can speak to the seats that simply cease to be in sections 105-110 and the floor space that moves dangerously up and down during particularly animated chants (although one could say that's part of the stadium's charm.) Additionally, the 46,000 seat venue dwarfs the home crowds that averaged 15,211 in 2011, 13,846 in 2012 and 13,645 so far this year. The tentative deal includes a potential tax break for D.C. United and three land swaps with private owners to secure the necessary land. The most publicized land swap is with local developer Akridge, who would then receive the Frank D. Reeves Municipal Center at 14th and U.
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