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Poll: Capitol Riverfront or Navy Yard as the Better Nickname?

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Neighborhood name drama is nothing new to D.C. In fact, changing nicknames dates back to the turn of the century when Georgetown became West Washington before changing back. The latest area of note to try out a new identity is the area near Nationals' Park. Historically, it's been called Navy Yard and that's the name of the metro stop. However, the BID for that area is called Capitol Riverfront. At least Capitol Riverfront has the advantage of not being a ridiculous sounding acronym like SadMo and NoMa (which both sound like characters from Homestar Runner) or most of the acronyms that the Politics & Prose folks came up with for the stretch of Connecticut Avenue between Van Ness and Chevy Chase. What's your preference: Capitol Riverfront or Navy Yard? We have a poll after the jump.

Poll results

· For a while, Georgetown was "West Washington" [GGW]