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These Two 2 BR Condos Under $400K Will Battle It Out

Welcome back to Real Estate Death Match! In last week's Bethesda Edition, the Battery Lane entrant handily defeated the competitor from River Road, proving that Metro accessibility trumps minimalism. We're moving back into the District this week, but we're staying on the Red Line for this week's battle. Welcome to Real Estate Death Match: Takoma vs. Dupont Circle Edition!

? Address: 921 Butternut Street #302
Price: $379,900
Square Feet: 869
Beds, Baths: 2/2

This Takoma condo costs a little bit more, but there's an extra bathroom and nearly an extra hundred square feet. It's a good choice for people that prefer trees to bars. Additionally, the kitchen and bathroom have modern appliances. Plus, it has an extra bathroom so the roommates won't have to share.

? Address: 2100 19th St NW #605
Price: $374,555
Square Feet: 750
Beds, Baths: 2/1

For a little less money, there's a little less space and one less bathroom, but Dupont has a more active nightlife than Takoma and more restaurant options. The kitchen looks remarkably similar, albeit brighter due to the white cabinets. Also, this building has a roof deck.

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