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Broker For Granite Manse Perhaps Watched Too Much Nip/Tuck

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A metaphor is not worth using if it ceases to make sense halfway through. Case in point: we get that this gargantuan 1917 granite mansion is clearly being sold as is because the listing states, "Good bones, needs a facelift & tummy tuck." Tummy tuck? So, in addition to a paint job and minor repairs to the facade (the facelift, we presume) it needs...what exactly? A fence? Someone to mow the lawn? We can't actually come up with anything to complete the analogy. If you can, let us know in the comments. The house is going for $975,000 and can come with or without the 5 bedroom carriage house.
· 1500 Farragut Street NW [Estately]
· Virtual tour of 1500 Farragut Street NW [TourVista]