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Deconstructing a "Party House" in Barnaby Woods

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What constitutes a "party house," exactly? Is large size enough? The listing for this $1,475,000, 5 bedroom home on the western edge of Rock Creek Park boasts that it is a "Great party house." We took a closer look at some of the home's features and amenities to see if it really lives up to the hype.

· Sufficient distance from sleeping neighbors. One side of the property is bordered by Rock Creek Park and there are several trees in between the house and the street as well as between the house and other houses. Unless the music is coming from the deck, this house has good protection against noise complaints. Success.

· Dedicated game room. Not only does it show up in the listing, but there are several photos of the pool table in the photo tour. Success.

· Wet bar. Nowhere in sight. While that's not necessarily a deal breaker, it's certainly a Party House Failure.

· Sizable deck. Perfect for cookouts and hangouts, plus there's a solarium should stormy weather force the party indoors. Success.

· Large backyard. It looks like most of the outdoor area surrounding the home is on a slope, making standing difficult even if guests haven't been into the fridge. It also goes without saying, there's no outdoor pool. Party House Failure.

· Extra bedrooms. There are five and a variety of couches should guests need to stay the night. Success.

· Multiple bathrooms. Because when you have a number of beers in you, the last thing you want to do is wait in line behind three other people. This house has five. Success.

· Copious open space. The room that houses the large TV is inexplicably narrow, but there's a lot of standing room so that guests can comfortably mingle. The listing suggests, "showcase your art/music" which would certainly be possible as there's plenty of room for a band or DJ to set up and an enclave that could easily host a small art gallery. Success.
· 6702 Oregon Avenue NW [Estately]

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