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Which 2 Bedroom Condo Catches Your Attention?

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Welcome back to Real Estate Death Match. Thanks for the overwhelming participation in our Hotel Week Amenity Death Matches. It seems that we have a lot of crossfit trainers in our readership as Crossfit Foggy Bottom at The Fairmont got nearly three quarters of the votes in the race for most impressive in-house gym. The competition for best hotel pool was significantly closer, but The Capitol Skyline edged out The Donovan Hotel. We've returned to more permanent living options at under $250 K. Welcome to Real Estate Death Match: Logan Circle vs. Dupont Circle Edition.

? Address: 1300 13th Street NW #401
Price: $849,000
Square Feet: 1482
Beds, Baths: 2/2

This pet friendly condo actually has double doors separating the entrance to the condo from the living room area. The kitchen has impressive granite countertops and a lot of natural light floods into that main living room area.

? Address: 1820 T Street NW #5
Price: $849,000
Square Feet: 1300
Beds, Baths: 2/2

This Dupont Circle opponent doesn't have its competitor's charming exterior, nor is it quite as large, but it too has a fireplace. Plus it has a lot of shelving in the living room for a very cozy appeal. Bonus points for that colorful rocking chair.

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