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Greasy Spoons Week: All About Diners and Dives

This week's top dish from Eater DC, Curbed's restaurant, bar, and nightlife blog...

GREASY SPOONS WEEK— It's Greasy Spoons Week over at Eater which means a ton of diner-related content. Up first: a map of the area's iconic Greasy Spoons.

U STREET— For a piece of D.C. history, check out this profile of Florida Avenue Grill.

PENN QUARTER— And on the completely opposite end of the spectrum, check out Jose's Table, the $3,000 seat at Minibar.

POWER HOUR— Greasy Spoons Week's power hour was all about club sandwiches. That meant a map of reader favorites, a chef's dissertation on the perfect one, non-traditional clubs, a poll, a wine pairing, a video and more.

EATER MAPSHere's where to eat breakfast all day long.

EATER MAPS— Have a craving for meatloaf? There are plenty of restaurants that carry it.

U STREET— Eater captured the scene at Fast Gourmet on a Tuesday night.

GREASY SPOONS WEEK— Sometimes diner fare isn't so cheap. Here are some oddly expensive diner dishes.

GREASY SPOONS WEEKDiner-inspired food can be found at regular restaurants as well, like these ones.

EATER MAPS— Check out which restaurants still offer Blue Plate Specials.

GREASY SPOONS WEEK— Meet Peaches, the longtime cook at Ben's Chili Bowl.

GREASY SPOONS WEEK— Here's the kind of adventures that happen to those who hang out at Osman & Joe's late night.

GREASY SPOONS WEEK— Two restaurants created special dishes just for Greasy Spoons Week. They include a club at Taylor Gourmet and a fried fish sandwich at Azur.

GREASY SPOONS WEEK— Chefs love diners, too. Especially these ones.

ADAMS MORGAN— Here's how The Diner stacks up, by the numbers.