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Can We Expect Designs Like These in D.C.'s New Google Office?

Next spring, Google will be moving from one enormous office building to an even more gargantuan space near Union Station. Their government affairs office will be vacating the 33,000 square foot space near K Street and upgrading to a 54,000 square foot space. Imagine what sorts of outlandish things they could put in that space! Well, you don't have to imagine: we have gathered a few photos of our favorite wild designs from the tech giant's other office spaces while we wait to see what craziness will inhabit their new building. Not that this would represent D.C. in any way, but we're voting for something that looks like an (early) page out of The Lorax.

1) The Dice Shaped Video Conferencing Booths:

The London office has video conferencing booths that look like dice. There is a joke about gambling that goes here, we're sure, but Google hasn't been a gamble in some time.

2) The Fake Orange Grove:

So what if Tel Aviv, Israel is basically a desert? Oranges can be found inside the Google office!

3) The Slides

Because all of the slides on New York's playgrounds are irritatingly sized for children's rear ends.

4) The "Irish Music Floor"

This college radio station-esque design in the Dublin office can easily be applied to the D.C. office Why not have a room that resembles the bright interior of Inner Ear Studio?

5) Wall of Smurf-esque Blue Hair

Actually, most of the designs in the Tokyo office is a beautiful homage to Japan, but this one is utterly confusing.
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