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Stay Cool This Summer with a Dyson Hot + Cool™

The summertime temps are creeping up, and we're pretty sure it's going to get even warmer before July is over. Are you prepared to navigate the shift from hot to really hot before we catch a break? The Dyson AM05 Hot+Cool™—part cooling fan, part heater—covers all of your year-round temperature needs, providing high velocity air to cool in summer and the fastest whole room heating in winter.

With the use of patented Air Multiplier™ technology, surrounding air is drawn in and amplified, generating powerful airflow to keep you cool in the summer. In winter, air is heated over PTC ceramic plates before being projected forward, providing direct heat throughout the room. And its lack of blades and grilles make is super easy to clean, and easy on the eyes.

Suitable for tiny apartments and sprawling living rooms alike, the Dyson Hot + Cool™ is the way to go for year round comfort. Check it out here.