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Texan Congressman Wants to Return D.C. to Maryland

How nice of Texan representative Louie Gohmert to propose a retrocession bill offering to return the District of Columbia to Maryland! We really can't think of anything more thoughtful than offering up land that's not yours to a neighboring state that doesn't want it. Not only would that make all of the names of our professional sports teams inaccurate (to be fair, one is already inaccurate), but retrocession would mean having to reconcile different law making bodies and differences in things like property taxes. While the initial wording of the bill makes it sound like Gohmert is trying to give D.C. residents a vote in Congress, D.C. Shadow Senator Paul Strauss states, "The two problems with retrocession are, one, we don't want to go; two, they don't want us back." Unsurprisingly, the District of Columbia-Maryland Reunion Act has no co-sponsors and an estimated 2% chance of making it to law.
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