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Which Bethesda 2 BR Apartment Under $400K Has More Allure?

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Welcome to a slightly belated Real Estate Death Match! Last week may have been our closest Death Match ever with the Columbia Heights loft just barely beating out the Adams Morgan adversary. In honor of Louie Gohmert's looney lawmaking proposal, we'll move Real Estate Death Match this week to Maryland. We mean real Maryland, not what this Texas lawmaker perceives to be the Maryland of the future. Welcome to Real Estate Death Match: Bethesda Edition!

? Address: 5101 River Road Apartment #1502
Price: $385,000
Square Feet: 1467
Beds, Baths: 2/2

Our first apartment on River Road is a little more expensive, but it's also a little more spacious. Of course, that space is barely being used at the moment since the current tenant is a clear minimalist. What's more, in addition to a balcony with a great view (15th floor and all), the apartment complex has a pool and a gym. Only obvious downside: the kitchen is ugly. It's utilitarian, sure, but it's ugly.

? Address: 4970 Battery Lane Apartment #209
Price: $350,000
Square Feet: 1062
Beds, Baths: 2/2

As is usually the case, the lower cost comes at the expense of some square footage, but this apartment doesn't require a haul up to the 15th floor whenever you come back from getting groceries. Also, this apartment, which also has a walk-in closet, is much closer to the Bethesda Metro than the River Road apartment is to any metro. Also, the kitchen was redone about six years ago.

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