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Buy Taylor Gourmet Owner's Condo; Get 5 Years of Free Hoagies

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[Photos courtesy of Jay Bauer Realtor via Doug Rashid]

Sandwich lovers, take note: the outdoor terrace and gorgeous hardwood floors aren't the only incentives to buy Taylor Gourmet owner Casey Patten's Penn Quarter condo. The lucky new owner will receive free hoagies from the celebrated local sandwich chain for five years. Patten bought the one bedroom condo shortly after it went on the market in 2005 for $475,000. He's asking $489,000 for the one bedroom 694 square foot condo, but we wouldn't be surprised if the promise of free sandwiches helps the condo go for above ask. As near as we can tell, the Taylor perk isn't because there's some sort of issue with the condo; Patten tells us that he (and realtor Jay Bauer) just thought it would be funny. Patten also figured that the proximity of the condo to both Taylor's K Street and E Street locations would make it easy for the future buyer to take advantage of such a deal. Also, if the condo looks remarkably like the restaurant, there's a reason for that. Grupo7, the same architects responsible for the design of the restaurants helped Patten renovate the apartment with some of the same materials. The hardwood floors provide the most striking similarity. We've got some photos of the condo after the jump.

· 777 7th Street NW Unit 717 [Blockshopper]
· 777 7th Street NW #717 [Trulia]